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With an experience of more than forty years, the AMGM is specialized in the manufacturing, 
in small and average series, of pieces of mechanics.

Our company invested regularly in the successful and innovative equipment
to propose an offer diversified in the service of our customers.

AMGM has a mastered manufacturing process and a perfect knowledge
of all the types of materials, what allows us to adapt ourselves to needs
and requirements of each of our customers :

•  advice,
• short deadlines,
• prototype,
• small and average series,
• or the realization of a complete set.

AMGM commits to your quoted so that you are completely satisfied.

Our qualified technical team stays tuned to the needs for our customers and prospects,
it is able to advise and to bring technical solutions
to reduce the costs and improve finished products

Clear objectives :

• To implement everything to remain the best in our heart of business 
• Improve permanently the quality of our organization to satisfy you
• Assure and optimize the relationship customer / supplier
• Always better work together to win in efficiency and reactivity...


Specialized in the industrial sub-contract work in the general mechanic sector

10 Route de Fay
43520 Mazet Saint Voy
Tel : 04 71 65 00 73

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