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 • Quality organization

AMGM has a quality management system adapted to its structure on ISO 9001:2008.ISO 9001 copie

This system has been put on stand-by, during the internal reorganization
and the extension of the site.

AMGM is working to obtain, once gain, the quality management
system certification by the end of 2015.


• Control methods

Respecting conformities is one of our priorities as we are aware of what is at stake. 
Our company is equipped with a dimension control laboratory
with all the equipment necessary to validate production launch.

We carry out controls and quality tests with specific material.

All the material is controlled annually by certified companies.

• 3D measurement machine (X 800,Y1500,Z700) 
• 3D measurement arm machine 

• And more than 500 traditional measurement machines.




Specialized in the industrial sub-contract work in the general mechanic sector

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